Property Management Services


Why choose McCarron Cullinane Chudleigh Real Estate?
Your investment property is a valuable asset and should be managed accordingly. We pride ourselves on our skilled property management team, resourced to give every property the attention it deserves.

Each of our landlords benefits from the personal attention and astute advice on the state of the market, stringent selection methods, and accurate, regular feedback.

We work hard to take the worry out of ownership and ensure your investment property gives you the best possible return.

Tenant selection
Our team go the extra mile to match the right people with the right home. Our property managers are totally dedicated to securing the best possible tenant for your investment property. With the great advantage of being ‘true locals’, our managers have an amazing depth of local knowledge to give you the very best in genuine property management.

It is not enough for us to know that your tenant is capable of paying their rent on time. Our thorough screening process ensures that the chosen tenant meets all your expectations. We ensure they have the ability and desire, to maintain your property. We also ensure that all prospective tenants undergo complete reference checks. A 100 point identification check is also carried out.

Our primary concern at this stage is to ensure that your rights as an investor and landlord are fully protected. Therefore, our team is fully conversant in all related legal matters, and will ensure that the Residential Tenancy Agreement and the lodgment of Rental Bond is completed accurately and efficiently.

Prior to a tenant moving in we thoroughly assess your property and provide a detailed report of its condition. General inspections are then conducted up to four times a year and can be attended by you or a nominated representative. Our report advises you of the state of your property, how well the tenant is maintaining it and what repairs are required. We can also arrange annual building and pest inspections on your behalf.

A variety of payment methods are available to tenants. Our management software provides us with notification of overdue amounts and we act quickly to ensure payment.

At the end of each month all rent money due to the Landlord is paid direct to your account via EFT, you can also request for a mid-month payment.

Disputes with tenants are uncommon and are generally expediently resolved by our property management team. Should a satisfactory result not be gained through negotiation the Property Manager applies for a Residential Tenancy Tribunal hearing, at which we are able to prepare a case to represent the landlord’s interests.

Maximising Returns
Maximising the returns of your investment is one of MCC Forbes’ key priorities. We regularly assess the rental prices of properties taking into consideration factors including market conditions and the quality of the tenants. We also provide advice regarding potential improvements to your property and keep you regularly updated with what’s happening in the real estate market.

Tenancy application and agreement
As per the Residential Tenancies Act 1989, it is required that there must be a written tenancy agreement between all landlords/agents and tenants.

Information for Rent Applications
To ensure you’re ready to move quickly with any application, it helps to be aware of the various information and documentation which will be required from you:

  • Drivers licence/passport details (photo ID)
  • Current address details and name of landlord/agent
  • Previous address details and name of landlord/agent
  • Occupation
  • Current employer and contact number
  • Period of employment
  • Previous employer, phone number and period of employment
  • Tenancy details – number of adults, children, pets
  • Next of kin, emergency contact.
  • Three references, referees’ occupation and contact number

While the standard terms of an agreement cannot be altered, additional terms may be added should both parties agree to it.

This agreement also involves the signing of a Premises Condition Report, which sets out the state of the premises at the beginning of the tenancy. This should be a true and accurate account of the condition of the premises and will become the most important piece of evidence if a dispute arises over the condition of the premises at the end of the tenancy.

Our office in Forbes prides itself on its Property Management expertise. Our managers have many years of experience and are always working towards improving this service. Being a small town they have a personal interest and strive to always ensure first rate service.