Upcoming Livestock Sales

Windy Hill Poll Dorset 4th Annual Ram Sale – Thurs 19th September 2019

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Attention all livestock clients

**As of January 2015 any NVDs prior to 2013 will NOT be accepted**

Current series NVDs

Please be aware that all major export abattoirs now require National Vendor Declarations (NVDs) to be from the 2013 Edition. We strongly recommend that you order a new NVD book if yours is from an earlier edition. The edition year is written on the front of the NVD book.

A benefit of using the 2013 Edition NVD is you no longer have to write the words “Russian Eligible” or “Saudi Eligible” on the NVD. Instead, buyers rely on the answers to the questions to determine the destination of the product.

To order a new NVD book, simply go online at www.mla.com.au, click on Quick Access links “LPA/NVDs”, then “Purchase NVDs” and follow the prompts or if you do not have internet access you can call 1800 683 111 have you PIC ready and you can place an order over the phone.
MSA Accreditation

Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) have introduced Meat Standards Australia (MSA) which is a beef and sheep-meat eating quality program designed to take the guesswork out of buying and cooking Australian red meat. MSA involves all sectors of the supply chain from paddock to plate. A wide range of cattle and sheep management practices, processing systems, cuts, ageing periods and cooking methods have been researched to determine the impact each has on eating quality.

We recommend that you become MSA accredited as livestock sold with MSA accreditation can receive premium prices, particularly in direct sales to feedlots and abattoirs. For further information, or to register for MSA, simply go online at www.mla.com.au and follow the link for MSA.