Selling Tips


Preparing your property

When selling your home, here are some presentation tips to help bring it up to “show” condition.

  1. Clean out clutter. An uncluttered home looks more spacious and easier to maintain, both vital selling points. You might even consider renting storage space whilst your house is on the market.
  2. Look after any maintenance issues, for example leaking taps or loose knobs and handles.
  3. Make arrangements for pets to be elsewhere during open for inspections.
  4. Fill the house with light. To make rooms feel bigger, open the curtains and blinds to let the sun and the view inside.
  5. Your home should be clean and tidy at inspection times. Ovens, tiles and showers should sparkle.
  6. Make the place look enticing with fresh flowers or indoor plants – you would be surprised at what they can add to a room.
  7. Have your carpets professionally steam cleaned.
  8. Keep kitchen bench tops clean and clear of clutter.
  9. Paint marked or dirty walls using neutral colours.
  10. Repair any damaged plaster or tiles. If the tiles in your bathroom and kitchen are looking old, new grout can make them seem brand new.
  11. Ensure that windows are sparkling clean.
  12. Make your home smell beautiful. Fresh air is good in summer or spring. Alternatively, you might brew coffee, use an oil burner, potpourri or bake biscuits prior to your open for inspection.
  13. Put out fresh towels, tea towels, table cloths, etc.
  14. Switch off the television and radio. Soft, soothing music creates a far more welcoming atmosphere.
  15. Make sure your home is a comfortable temperature.

Remember, you never get a second chance with first impressions. Pay particular attention to the front of your house. Buyers begin evaluating your property from the street. A well maintained front yard creates a welcoming entrance.

If in doubt, contact us today. We would be happy to inspect your property and provide valuable advice on how to present your home. Before conducting any major work, be sure to ask if the expense is worthwhile. We can also suggest reliable tradesmen to help you prepare for selling your home.